Tomás F Ó Cofaigh

Tomas F. O Cofaigh

Born 1921

Tomás F Ó Cofaigh who was a former Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland.
Mr Ó Cofaigh, Uragh, Swanlinbar, and late of Churchtown, Dublin, died December 4. Former Secretary of the Department of Finance, Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland and President of the Economic and Social Research Institute, and a key founder of the International Financial Services Centre, Dublin.

Tomás F Ó Cofaigh’s Ming Gua (natal or personal trigram number) = 7
His Personal Trigram is DUI:
Tomás’s Personal Natal number is integrated with the Central Bank Foster Place  Natal Chart, completing the chart below.

Chart Tomás F Ó Cofaigh & Central Bank Building Dame Street

6period 1
cofaigh top
cofaigh mid
cofaigh SE
cofaigh S
cofaigh W