Joseph Brennan

Joseph Brennan

Born 18 November 1887 - 19 March 1976

Joseph Brennan was a man of many first’s, in 1922 Brennan became the first Irish Free State Comptroller and Auditor General and in 1923 he was appointed Secretary of the Department of Finance, this is where his dream of a “Irish Central Bank” was born and nurtured; holding this post until his retirement from the Civil Service in 1927 and was appointed chairman of the Currency Commission (1927 – 43), he acquired premises at Foster Place, Dublin, recruiting staff and drafting regulations for the working of the commission. Brennan’s long held desire to establish an Irish Central Bank, was finally starting to take shape but would not come to fruition for another 16 long years. In 1943 the Currency Commission was dissolved and he became the first Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland. Brennan took the view that a central bank would remedy the gap in the ‘financial structure’ of the Irish Free State and help co-ordinate government policy with the ‘monetary and credit position of the country. Brennan believed the lack of a central bank: Might tend to force the Free State…Into continuing to adhere to the tie with sterling beyond the point when it was advantageous to Ireland.
After the Currency Commission was dissolved in 1943, Joseph Brennan became the first Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland. From 1928 until his retirement in 1953 his signature appeared on all Irish Banknotes.

Joseph Brennan’s Ming Gua (natal/personal trigram number) = 2
His Personal Trigram is KUN:
Joseph’s Personal Natal number is integrated with the Central Bank Foster Place  Natal Chart, completing the chart below.

Chart Joseph Brennan & Central Bank Foster Place

brennan top
brennan mid
brennan SE
brennan NE
brennan E