James J. McElligott

James J. McElligott 2

Born 26th July 1893

James J. MacElligott (1893-1974), civil-servant; was born in Tralee, Co. Kerry on 26 July 1893. He attended Father Buckley’s school in Tralee, and went on to graduate with a honours BA degree in classics from UCD in 1913. In entered the civil service in 1913 as a first division clerk and was assigned to the Local Government Board. He joined the Irish Volunteers in the same year, and in 1916, he joined the Easter Rising as private. He fought in the General Post Office and was jailed for his part in the insurrection. Consequently he lost his job in the civil service.

McElligott was appointed Assistant Secretary of the Department of Finance, After Brennan left the Department in 1927 to work for the Currency Commission, the burden of negotiating the government’s case fell on McElligott who was promoted to Secretary and remained in this office until 1953.
The 1952 budget was McElligott’s last as the Secretary of Department of Finance. His long term as Secretary of Finance ended in 1953 when he was succeeded by Owen Redmond, followed shortly by Kenneth Whitaker in 1956. McElligott was a product of the civil service and was described by Whitaker as ‘possessing the wisdom of a serpent and the mildness of a dove’. His cautiousness and manner were highly irritating to others.

James J. McElligott Ming Gua (natal / personal trigram number) = 8
His Personal Trigram is GEN:
James Personal Natal number is integrated with the Central Bank Foster Place  Natal Chart, completing the chart below.

Chart James J. McElligott & Central Bank Foster Place

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elligott mid
elligott SE
elligott E
elligott NE