Central Bank North Wall Quay

The New Central Bank Building on North Wall Quay, was previously Anglo Irish Banks unfinished building it was derelict for almost six years due to the global banking crash in 2009. The Central Bank’s project involved completing the existing concrete structure on the North Wall Quay. The project was delivered using BIM (Building Information Modelling), and received a BREAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) outstanding rating.
North Wall Quay is one of the most prestigious locations in Dublin, and the architects, engineers and project managers wanted the new building to showcase the best that Ireland has to offer, not only in design, but also in materials. It was, after all, a one hundred and forty million euro project.

Central Bank of Ireland was the first office development in Ireland to achieve the ‘outstanding’ rating under the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. Twenty-nine thousand square metres of Irish Blue Limestone was used, largely because natural stone has been proved to carry a smaller carbon footprint than manufactured building materials. The stone has demonstrated, once again, a range of the finishes that can be achieved, and the effects of those finishes. Inside, used for cladding, and floor tiles there are contrasting colours of sanded and honed limestone in geometrical patterns. Outside, where it is used for paving, walling, cladding and benches, Irish Blue Limestone appears in chiselled, bush-hammered and flamed finishes, some of which show the characteristic fossils for which the lovely natural stone is famed.

Chart Central Bank North Wall

Central Bank Building North Wall Quay, Dublin. D01 F7X3
Facing Direction : 177 Degrees
Period :8
Facing Trigram : Xun

Facing 24 Mountain : Xun
Facing Element : Wood
Facing Sector : 4
Floats Path: Descending/Ascending

Facing Compass : S2 – M
Sitting Direction : 357 Degrees
Period : 4
Sitting Trigram : Zhen
Sitting 24 Mountain : Mao
Sitting Element : Wood
Sitting Sector : 3
Floats Path : Ascending/Descending
Sitting Compass : N2 – A

NorthWallPeriod8 177degrees
CBnorthwall top
CBnorthwall mid
CBnorthwall SE
CBnorthwall W
CBnorthwall S